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Flat share Birmingham implies a lot of things. A tenant or a lodger has right but to not forget about liabilities. Both of them are important and our advice is to not ignore anyone of them because you can have a lot of problems.

In case of you do not fulfill your liabilities your landlord can order you to leave the house, but if he does not respect your right you have the option to go to the court. Therefore don’t be surprised that finding rooms to rent Birmingham comes with responsibilities.

A tenant rights are simple: your landlord isn’t allowed to order you to leave the house instantly, he has the liability to announce you with 8 weeks before, he also can’t came at your house without telling you first or enter in the house when you are not in it (without telling you) and he can’t say to you what to do in the house once you sign the contract. You can come with friends, do parties and everything you want.

But, what are your liabilities?

These liabilities will be written in the tenancy agreement. Read them with attention because your landlord can write something extra that you are not obligated to do. The most important liabilities of you are those who represent your respect for your landlord and the house you live.

House share Birmingham means that you have to pay a rent. Never be too late with you rent! It is very important to show respect to your landlord. In case you really can’t pay your rent on time, announce your landlord and explain to him why you can’t do it on time. Be sure that your reason is a good one because you can’t say to your landlord that you can’t pay the rent because you spent your money on having fun. Our advice is to be sure that nothing like this will happen because you will show no respect to your landlord.

Rooms to rent Bristol or House share Cardiff can be complicated because you need to calculate exactly how much you need to pay for your bills. You need to take the bill and divide the sum at the number of people that live in the house and pay exactly your part. If you are a single tenant in an entire house you have the same liability as others: to pay your bills on time. Bills came on your landlord name and if you do not pay them, the one that will have the biggest problems will be your landlord. In the same time, in case you do not do this you landlord can take the necessary money from your deposit. If he can’t trust you anymore he will give you a notice to leave the house.

Another very important liability is to not damage the furniture or electronic appliance from the house! You need to keep them in the same condition your landlord gave it to you. In case you damage something by mistake is your liability to notice the landlord and buy a new one.

Don’t despair Clean&Clean will take care of your cleaning chores

Cleaning – a blessing for some, a curse for others. Yet, everybody has to do it. But do not despair! For those who dislike cleaning the house there are many companies especially created. The one that I advise you to choose is Clean&Clean.

Why? They have the best-trained tenancy cleaning teams, which means that there would be no little spot missed. Moreover, they provide a great variety of services – emergency cleaning, spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or weekly cleaning. That’s amazing, isn’t it? They are experts and your house will be perfectly cleaned, due to both their passion and the usage of modern cleaning equipment.

Isn’t it boring and tiring when you have to clean the entire house? Yet, you have to. Even if it is your house or you are a tenant, you should live in a pleasant environment. If you live with rent, in the very moment you decide to leave the place, you do not think about cleaning it, do you? But only imagine the reactions an owner has when it is faced with a dirty and stinking property. I bet you would not want to be in their shoes.

So, when you decide to move to your own house and do not live with rent any more, you should immediately opt for a well-prepared team of cleaners. My advice is to choose Clean&Clean, as they are the most trustworthy cleaning company in London. They are ready to treat the property as theirs and turn it upside down in order to clean it. When they have finished, the house will be crystal clean and will give the impression that no one has ever lived there.

Can you think that they are cleaning even the bathroom tiles? I find it quite crazy, but it is very practical. You as an owner are ready to clean each and every spot of dirt you see, but you may ask whether or not a group of strangers would be ready to do the same. The answer is positive – they are ready to clean off dust even from the light fittings.

Yet, you have to clean yourself the exterior of the property, such as garage, balcony or garden, because the company does not provide expert cleaning outside the house. What’s more, cupboards and wardrobes must be empty prior to the team’s arrival so as they can clean them. Also, fridges and freezers should be turned off and defrosted.

New, best on market TV, internet offers from DIGI

When you make a subscription to a telecommunication, TV or Internet service provider you are expecting the best services and prices! Here we are!
Here are some details about our services:

  • We offer you different options for a TV provider subscription. You can choose between cable TV or satellite TV. If you choose cable TV, you have two options too: Analogic TV or Digital TV. If you choose Digital TV, you benefit of HD television. No matter what you choose, you will find here the best prices! We offer you also a 24/7 available service. When you have a problem with your TV transmission you just call us and we solve your problem, as soon as possible! Usually, it doesn’t take more than an hour!
  • It is power nowadays and we know it! So, we did the best investment to make it better, to make his speed higher and faster! You can choose to have Internet through optical fiber or WIFI Internet. Both of them are the best choice for you! You can choose internet with 100MB/sec speed, 300 MB/sec speed, 500MB/sec speed or 1000MB/sec speed. You can choose the one that fits perfectly your needs!

If you choose 1000 Mbps speed Internet, you have the next benefits:

  1. If you want download a 10-15 GB movie, it will be downloaded in just 3-4 minutes!!!
  2. If you are a gamer that loves to play online, it is the best choice! Your game will not be interrupted and your play will become more fun! All your worries and all your angry because of the bad internet that interrupt your game will be just a memory!
  3. Your upload will be up to 2000 MBs.
  4. Your traffic will be unlimited!
  5. Free connection.
  6. Two accounts of WIFI internet-for free.
  7. You can access online our option of online TV.
  8. You gave 100GB storage space for free, in our specific Storage.
  9. You can activate for free our Parental Control option for internet.
  • You can choose a subscription at mobile telephone or landline. With our best subscription, you can have: unlimited calls, no matter to what other telephone network you are calling Unlimited calls to SUA, Canada, China, Australia. Unlimited internet on your mobile phone (for maximum 5GB used, you will have 20 Mbps speed if you have 3G option activated and 200Mbps speed power if you have 4G option activated).

We are waiting for you!

More than just “cleaning”

Currently there are many end of tenancy cleaning companies and many peoples or companies contact these companies for their service, but they do not put their first questions to find out if they chose the correct company:

  • Why allow such a service from a cleaning company?
  • Time that I am available to sustain and time they work?
  • Do I have to make the house safe or items from it?
  • Which company is most appropriate for these services?

Since the beginning we need to ensure every detail or even to ourselves each question accordingly. So from the beginning to know how to make the best decision to choose something that is more than cleaning.

From the beginning you’re looking for a cleaning company must make sure that they make your best offer on the market. There are several dozens of companies that offer you the best price. From big competition they will provide the best services at very low prices. Currently fault and some great rivalry companies are available to offer you pay in installments, but there are companies cleaning that offers a good price for the payment all at once. Now all that remains to be seen is the budget that you dispute as tenancy cleaning companies will offer you the best deals.

end of tenancy Cleaners

The time that you are willing time to lose making clean, it will be won by you through cleaning companies. During the cleaning crew cleans your house you will be able to continue your work, activities or time spent with family. Without the worry of lost time or even cleaned during these firms work (Currently these companies finish their work on time).

Many people are pressed for time and this makes us to evolve each time the cleaning companies, as are we stressful time, but this pressure makes us get the job done, that’s why you choose end of tenancy cleaners.

When you leave the house in the hands of someone else must make sure you are trustworthy person and check if the cleaning company has had any problems, as there is end of tenancy cleaners who may not be trustworthy. And this is seen in their customer feedback, but an important detail that many do not notice it, is what equipment is working and the solutions thereof to not destroy your property, or to deteriorate over time. These things need to be asked first moment you will want a contract with cleaning companies. You must be sure of this because your assets matter a lot to you, but also for cleaning companies to ensure them.

After you have enough information about each cleaning company then you can choose when you want to work with the company. But while you will choose each time the same company since we’ll know all about it: most of the time, the price or even people who work and quality of services offered by lease cleaning London companies.

Always thinking about every detail when selecting a cleaning company, and the money that you have. They should be just some of the examples that you need to select your firm who will work for a long period of time, but meet more than cleaning.

If you don’t like to do the cleaning yourself, we are saving you!

You are a busy person? You don’t have enough time for yourself, especially for taking care of your house? You want to have a fresh house all the time? You don’t like to clean you dishes, floors or furniture? You do not have enough time to go to shopping for food or other necessary things in your house? You have spots that you can’t remove on your sofa or on your bed sheet? You do not have enough time for washing your clothes or for ironing?

We are here to help you! With just one call you can have an end of tenancy cleaners team at your house in the shortest time!

We are specialized in end of tenancy cleaning, because here in London, almost all the people rent a house instead of being owners of one.

But, other services are available for you, because our cleaners team and our chemical cleaning products are the same for each cleaning service!

For example, our end of tenancy cleaners provides also Domestic Cleaning.  Our staff is always ready to help you and it is also friendly, so you can count on them whenever you want! Our cleaning company, Citi Clean is very responsive at every review or advice from our clients and day by day, together with our team we are working to get the best results for you!

So, here is what our end of tenancy cleaners team can do for you if you choose Domestic Cleaning Service:

  • Firstly, they can help you with shopping. If you do not have enough time to do it, or if holidays are coming and you hate the crowds from the supermarket or queues, you can come to us to help you!
  • Our cleaners team will wash your dishes if you need to and also your clothes.
  • They will also be ironing your clothes.
  • End of tenancy professional cleaners will also be moping, wiping, or handle your keys for a period if you need it

What DIGI can offer you? Find out right here!

We are sure that you have a telephone, network and a TV, but we are also sure that you do not know so much about your telecommunication service provider.

In the following text you will find why you should choose us and also what are our services presented in such a way that everyone will understand them.

A telecommunication service transfer information from side to side through a circuit that imply two receivers and two transmitters that are conneccted to two stations.

What conditions must fulfill a telecommunication TV service provider?

Well, he must offer quality! A TV user need to be satisfied about what he see. A wonderful image, wonderful colors(to not forget that these two are provided mostly by your kind of TV) and the most important for a TV service provider: the signal. The signal has to be perfect! And for that, the TV service provider must use materials and machines that provide performance and of course, last generation technology.

Prices need to be cheap! Everyone need to have the posibility to have TV or Telephone signal, no matter what is their financial situation. We provide quality at the best price in town, because everyone deserve to have the posibility to watch TV or speak at the phone. The price also have to be cheap to make people want to do a subscription to a TV service provider.

Respect and responsibility.  A cable provider must respect the price during the entire contract. Also, employees must respect and treat good the customer. They must be receptive and also be available to clients all the time.

Disponibility. They must be available for you no matter what time it is. So, for that we have available for you a telephone number where an employee will always answer and hep you with whatever you need. You don’t know how to solve a problem at your TV, your signal TV isn’t good or you just want to know something, call anytime and your problems will be solved! If you need an expert team, we will sent one for you, nomatter what time it is.

Your cable provider must be everywhere! You need to have anytime and anywhere access.. No matter where you are, if you want access to TV or telephone you must have it, and we are here for you!

So, you must choose us because we provide quality of signal, respect, responsibility, disponibility and very good prices, no matter where you are!